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How to detect an earthquake before it happens ?
Published By chembah on 2010-01-19 2394 Views

The recent earthquake in Japan that caused a massive tsunami was one of the most devastating earthquakes along the coastal line of the Japan in recent times. An earthquake of 9.0 point on the open ended richer scale ripped through towns, tearing down buildings and burying many under rubles. Hospitals, where those rescued would have been taken to for treatment, all crumbled like a pack of lards. At the last count, about fifteen thousand lives may have been lost, and still counting. Natural disasters are not new. They are part and parcel of the earth changes, where the forces of the elements – I call them elemental beings, for they are real beings, albeit not physical – who are in charge of the remodeling of the earth in the Will of God do their duties of transforming the earth and furthering evolution. It is just that mankind has become obtuse that we do not get early warnings as to when and how they intend to perform their functions. For this reason alone does it become disasters for human beings. In the early days, men were still open to guidance from above and are usually warned before hand. The great migrations of old are mostly based on this, for hardly have a community migrated than their abode become devastated by natural disaster – volcanoes, avalanches, earthquakes etc. Since majority of mankind can no longer see the elemental beings (gnomes, elves, Nixies, salamanders, giants etc), though some gifted ones here and there still do, it becomes imperative that a way should be found that would make people realize at least that there are going to be a natural disaster soon in an area. A few methods of these identifications are mentioned below. Listen to earth sensitives. Earth sensitive are those whose beings are attuned to the meridians of the earth. They are walking earth, so to say. Different parts of their body correspond to different parts of the earth. There are quite a few of them on earth today, both those who have the gift naturally and those struggling to acquire it artificially. These are not people to be envied, for if an earthquake will happen. Haiti, for example, they may get sudden excruciating pains at the right ear, for example, days or even weeks before it happens. They have out of experience, been able to map their whole body to correspond to different parts of the earth. Some of them have their websites where they predict earthquakes on daily bases. You can search for them on the internet. Watch animal behavior.

Animals are closer to the elemental beings than human beings, and thus can see them. Even though the giants are responsible for the preparation and execution of an earthquake, other beings participate in a co-operating manner. The help to protect and preserve what should be protected and preserved; to warn those that need to be warned. It happens that, before natural disasters, animals behave strangely. House pets can suddenly become erratic; dogs may refuse to enter the house. If the cat or dog is attached to the owner in love, it may try to drag him out of harms way. Birds may suddenly loose their ability to fly and walk on the ground out of fear, or they may all migrate out of the area en mass. Thus if suddenly birds disappear from a place, make efforts to find out from sensitives their predictions for the area. Watch the general atmosphere. Uncanny feelings and generally tense atmosphere usually precede earthquakes, particularly the last two days before it. People around are unusually tense for no just cause. There is always a general feeling of foreboding, a feeling of something impending. Check with the sensitive if you notice that. Take notice of your dreams. Before any earthquake, so many people are prone to dream about earthquakes and devastation. This is because whatever happens on earth is first to happen ethereally. In dream states, human beings reach out to the ethereal and experience it’s happening before the physical manifestations. There will be more discussions about earthquake than before. This also is due to ethereal impressions. These advices has become necessary because in future the natural disasters are going to increase astronomically. More earthquakes, volcanoes, avalanches and flooding will be experienced until the appearance of the star will bring about a universal quake. Many parts of the world will disappear from the map while lands will appear where there was none before. Thus the prophesy of the book of revelation about a new earth will be fulfilled. Finally, follow your intuition. This is the most important guide because your intuition, the inner voice or the still small voice, in as much as it is not completely stifled, will always lead you to the right and will never fail you. If you follow these guidelines you may never be trapped in an earthquake. importantly, check out further details in the work IN THE LIGHT OF TRUTH by Abd-ru shin. .
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